OOC make sense of the science, and the complex interacting factors affecting outcomes in children’s social care. With a focus on improving the use of research and evidence to inform service responses, we act as a learning partner to the local authorities and independent providers who commission us.

Our collaborative approach is informed by a practical, hands-on understanding of the care system. We reveal opportunities to better understand and improve children’s outcomes. We provide expert guidance and insight to empower decision-making. Our breadth of experience enables a whole-system approach, facilitating positive change from strategy and spending to practice.

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Evidence underpins all of our work. This requires a wide focus, incorporating multiple disciplinary perspectives.  This approach is reflected in the diverse range of experts who work within and alongside OOC; including leading academics, social workers, clinical psychologists and system experts.  We also work with an advisory group of experts by experience comprising of individuals who have received social care interventions.   

At OOC, we are solution focused in our services to local authorities and independent providers in children’s social care. We are experienced in providing immediate and short term strategies in times of acute pressure or crises, and longer term solutions that build sustainable, evidence-based service responses based on the needs of vulnerable children and young people.

Our policy work involves providing evidence to policy makers on the effectiveness of current policies as well as those proposed.  This includes evaluating policies that will impact on children and young people to ensure they are in line with evidence.  In line with our value position that the rights, needs and outcomes of children and young people are paramount in our work, where policy changes are contrary to evidence we will challenge through appropriate processes.