OOC help local authorities better understand what works, when, where and for which children - guiding service responses to improve outcomes, sufficiency and spending.

We do this by sharing multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience, providing insight through robust assessment tools and frameworks, and taking a collaborative, whole-system approach to facilitate positive change.

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OOC provide support to commissioners who deliver services for children in, leaving or on the edge of care in a number of ways. We are unique in our ability to take a whole-system approach to analysis of needs and outcomes in children’s services, enabling local authorities to target precise actions and opportunities for improvement. Our breadth of expertise brings a clearer view of the complex care system, the way service elements interact with and influence each other, the real causes of funding pressures and therefore opportunities to alleviate them. 

  • Is your assessment of needs and outcomes robust? Do you have the insight you need to inform decision-making and support practitioners to improve outcomes?

Outcomes are expected to be at the heart of commissioning services for vulnerable children, however expertise in this complex area is rarely available internally. At the same time, reliable assessment of the value of services is not possible unless valid methods of needs and outcome monitoring are in place.  

OOC regularly work with local authority partners to provide research, expert advice and knowledge transfer to improve the quality and rigour of outcome frameworks and deliver crucial insight at commissioning and practice levels.  

This work may include case audits and reviews to improve the understanding of needs, or the introduction of robust outcome assessment tools and frameworks.   

Our diverse team allows for multiple perspectives to be brought to projects across different departments that combine to create the opportunity for a whole system approach.

We are experienced in tackling the challenges that complex systems present, a key issue in children’s social care due to needs spanning a number of service areas. 

OOC regularly support local authorities to address short and long term challenges - from review of evidence to implementation of change. Contact us to find out more.