We put outcomes at the centre of children’s services.

OOC was founded to improve the use of research and evidence shaping service and policy developments in children’s social care. Scientific rigour and evidence standards underpin our projects and the solutions we provide to help local authorities and independent providers assess needs and improve outcomes.

By putting evidence of outcomes at the centre of children’s social care, we support improvement in policy, commissioning, service delivery, care provision and most importantly - the experiences and outcomes of children and young people.

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Our values

All our work is underpinned by specialist, expert knowledge of the children’s social care sector. We believe in collaboration, in sharing knowledge and innovation, and always promoting a child-centred, ethical and scientifically robust approach across policy, practice and service development. As such, we are guided by clear values in all the work that we do - in order to protect children and young people, to protect those responsible for their care, and to ensure that our work can bring benefits to the sector as a whole.

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